What is a Reach Crew member?

Reach Crew members are leaders, creatives, rebels, and game changers. They are young people (14 – 25 years of age) who undertake intensive and powerful training in order to facilitate Reach workshops within schools and communities across Australia. We celebrate people’s differences at Reach – our crew are not what we consider to be the stereotypical leaders. So, if you are not school captain or always asked to lead a team, don’t worry, you may well be exactly who we are looking for!  

Through our Leadership Development program, our crew learn about and are trained in social and emotional wellbeing and build on their ability to develop content to deliver in schools and community spaces.  

What do you get out of being a Reach Crew member?

Being a Reach crew member opens a huge array of opportunities. Our crew are provided personal and leadership development, the opportunity to impact and influence the lives of other young people across Australia and become part of an organisation that is changing lives.  

Throughout a crew members journey at Reach, they receive ongoing leadership training, mentoring from experienced facilitators, support from influential staff and access to a large network of inspiring people. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do to be a Crew member?

We are looking for young people who want to be (or already are) leaders, influencers and change-makers for their generation. You could be seen as a rebel or someone who doesn’t like to follow rules – or even the complete opposite. We value people who are: charismatic, unique, empathetic, leaders, driven, honest, funny, kind, respectful and so much more! Above all else we here at Reach value people who are themselves – not who you perhaps think we want you to be! 

What happens if I get accepted?

You will initially need to commit to the New Crew Training. After the New Crew Training, regular fortnightly Crew Training is part of the commitment. Face-to-face training is run at the Collingwood office in Melbourne, and the Barangaroo office in Sydney.

Can I put this on my resume?

If you become a Reach Crew Member, you can absolutely put this great achievement on your resume. 

How do I get in?

Fill in the application form and show us who you are! If you’re application is successful, you will be invited to ‘The Search’ Leadership Workshop.  

When do I find out if I am successful?

You will be notified by Reach as soon as a decision is made, and before the Leadership Workshop.

What happens if I am unsuccessful?

There are a number of reasons why you may have been unsuccessful.  Please don’t overthink it (we still think you are awesome), we just need a broad range of crew to represent Reach.  If you are between the ages of 13 and 18, we invite you to participate in future Reach programs.  Otherwise we encourage you to continue to seek leadership opportunities and apply again next year. 

Who can I talk to if I have more questions?

Head of Training and Talent : telaine.cowdrey@reach.org.au