Twenty Five. Melb.

Reach gives young people the tools, skills and support to overcome life’s challenges.  

Challenges that existed 25 years ago when Reach started. And continue today.  

Experience their stories. Back young Australians. Be part of something special.  

What to expect:

Since 1994, Reach has created safe spaces for over 1 million young people to share their story and find empowerment. The ripple effect of Reach’s work transcends young people and the communities in which they live. Join us to hear stories of resilience from inspirational people who have been impacted by Reach.  

Celebrate 25 years of transforming young people's lives with Reach supporters old and new, a delicious sit down meal, live entertainment and dancing. It will be a night that will stay with you.

Dress code: Somewhere on the Cocktail Attire <----> Formal Attire Spectrum


9 Aug 19 


Timber Yard. 351 Plummer St Port Melbourne.

Someone will be winning a car.

Enter the raffle if you want it to be you. 

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